Law as a tool of race equity


Justice for Breakfast discussion series

April 17, 2019 ~ 8:15 am

Racism has long permeated the policies and institutions that shape the lives of people of color, from how people are paid to where people can live. Given the legal dimensions of inequity, lawyers can bring their advocacy skills to efforts to dismantle racial disparities. April’s Justice for Breakfast will feature a panel discussion exploring how law can be a tool of race equity. We’ll hear how PJC advocates are advancing race equity in the fight against wage theft in the home care industry, through impact litigation and appellate advocacy, and in policy advocacy for renters’ rights. We’ll explore how lawyers can work for change alongside people whose lives are most affected by racial and economic inequities. Join us for a deep discussion on this important topic! 

Where: Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP
120 E. Baltimore Street, Suite 1700
Baltimore, MD  21202
To learn more or to reserve your space at the breakfast table: or (410) 625-9409 x 226